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Avenues to
Independent Living

What is avenues to independent living

Avenues to Independent Living, provides personalized services, for people with disabilities for self-directed services, employment, and recreation. 

Self-Direction is a service model for the delivery of services and supports to people with intellectual and other development disabilities. The purpose of the self-direction service model is to expand individual choice and control over the services and supports that people need to live in the community. Self-directed services is grounded in the principles of "person-centered planning," which focuses on building a life plan around an individual's preferences, strengths, and abilities and involving families, friends and professionals in both the planning and delivery of services as desired by the individual.

The delivery of self-directed services (SDS) in anchored in the following 5 principles of self-determination and self-direction:

  1. Freedom:  The opportunity to choose where and with whom one lives as well as how one organizes all important aspects of one's life with freely chosen assistance as needed.
  2. Authority: The ability to control some targeted amount of public dollars.
  3. Support: The ability to organize that support in ways that are unique to the individual.
  4. Responsibility: The obligation to use public dollars wisely and to contribute to one's community.
  5. Confirmation: The recognition that individuals with disabilities themselves must be a major part of the redesign of the human service system of care.

Avenues To Independent Living assists and supports people with varied abilities. We help you find and keep meaningful employment and independent living arrangements. Self-direction is about choices in your living and work environment. Supported employment involves an individualized job search and systematic method for assuring job retention. 

Avenues To Independent Living can be conducted on a private fee for service or by referral from the Division of Developmental Disabilities, as well as Child Study Team and other agencies. Service areas include Gloucester County, Camden County, Burlington County, Atlantic County, Cape May County, and Salem County. If you would like more information, please call us. We will meet with you, to familiarize you with our services, and to discuss how we can help you meet your specific needs and business requirements.


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